when it gets dark: lissabon

in later afternoon, when the sun is slowly setting, lissabon gets all romantic. it is fascinating how the shape of the city changes with the light.

here we were at the castelo de s. jorge. can’t describe it, you need to see it for yourself. we spent almost 3 hours up there, walking up and down the stairs of the castel. it is so worth a visit!

20170302_18162220170302_18465520170302_18515020170302_185347visit the other side of the river tejo! you can take the ferry at the station cais de sodré. buy a day-ticket at a metro station, it is cheap and valid for 24 hours to ride tram, bus and boat. after you crossed the river, go right, towards the bridge. there you walk along a wall full with graffitis and old buildings. walk straight until you get to the elevator. go up, there is a man inside the elevator, he will collect 1 euro per person.

20170304_191833nightlife in lissabon must be amazing, unfortunately i only went to bairro alto for a friday night out. the streets are full with people, there is one bar after another and in every bar you hear different kinds of music. beware of all bars closing their doors at 3 am. this is when people go to clubs, so have fun!

all pictures were taken with my samsung galaxy s6 edge

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