triple f lissabon: food food food

what to eat in lissabon? you almost can’t do anything wrong – just avoid the classic tourist traps. i usually don’t like to make reservations ahead because on a city trip you never know where you will end up. but for travelers who feel more comfortable having a reservation for the evenings, you should check out the zomato site.

what i loved was the time out market. it is very easy to get there and you will find lot of fantastic food counters, it is overwhelming! especially for those who travel alone, they will feel much more comfortable eating here than in a restaurant. it is casual but the food is delicious and beautifully served!

17-03-07-21-28-30-195_deco17-03-19-20-13-50-323_deco17-03-19-20-09-22-444_deco17-03-19-20-20-30-989_decorestaurante ponto final was a very special place, we didn’t make any reservation and by walking until the end of this very old street on the tejo, at the other riverside of lissabon, we managed to get a table. the staff is overall very friendly and the food was amazing. they have an open kitchen, so you have the chance to see these talented young chefs at their work.17-03-19-20-17-32-743_deco17-03-07-21-32-00-475_deco17-03-07-21-31-14-716_decoof course there are tons of nice places to eat in lissabon, so don’t be shy, get close and look through the dirty  windows, you will be surprised what is hidden behind.

17-03-19-20-19-20-724_deco17-03-07-21-34-06-840_deco20170319_20072617-03-07-22-12-53-591_deco17-03-07-22-14-07-329_decoand don’t forget to try their famous pasteis de nata. you have to put cinamon powder on it, believe me, it is heavenly good.

all pictures were taken with my samsung galaxy s6 edge

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